High Country Christmas Bird Counts

  • WHAT?     Count birds!
  • WHERE?  in a circle 15 miles in diameter, at several locations below.
  • WHO?       Every able-bodied person who likes wildlife!
  • WHEN?     a single day near christmas, between 12/14 and 1/5, determined   for each count.
  • WHY?       Know nature without harm, gather useful data
  • HOW?       Count and record all birds on count day, inform compiler.

This year's dates: 

  • Mount Jefferson-12/14/2021 (Tuesday)
  • Stone Mountain- 12/19/2021 (Sunday)
  • Wilkesboro (Upper Yadkin)-  1/5/2022 (Wednesday)

How do I report my birds? 

  • BEST:      Do an ebird checklist and email me the checklist number.
  • GOOD:    Fill out the e-Form below, an XL spreadsheet, and email it to me.
  • OK:          Print and fill out the Print Form below, get it to me.
  • OK:         Print out the Data Card, use it to count birds in the field, and get it to me. (Note--Data Card is meant to be printed on front and back of an 8.5X5.5 sheet of card stock. Ask  me for a copy.)

Forms, maps, results: (HINT- you can download the KMZ file to your phone and use with google earth to see your location on the map in the field in real time)

             Name      E-form Print Form Data Card Circle Maps History  Recap

  • Stone Mountain  XL        PDF            PDF       KML   KMZ       XL      2020 19 18 17
  • Mount Jefferson XL        PDF            PDF        KML   KMZ      XL      2020 19  
  • Wilkesboro         XL        PDF            PDF        KML   KMZ      XL      2020 19 

PDF Sector Maps for Stone Mountain--with ground-truthed road names because google maps are wrong or incomplete in many places:

       Sector 1   Sector 2   Sector 3   Sector 4   Sector 5     



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