High Country Area Bird Occurrence

Here are lists of the status of bird species occurrence, in each of the five counties Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Watauga, and Wilkes, and also in the 5-county region as a whole. Info on each species gives seasonal occurrence, nesting and wintering status, extreme dates, high count, and comments. The color code pink is for undocumented species. Birders are highly encouraged to refer to these files in the field, and to include pictures and full descriptions of any previously undocumented species, in their reports. Clicking the link will open the google doc viewer, where there is a button for download. The spreadsheets, as seen in the google viewer, incorrectly show numbers formatted as dates. To see the right format, either choose to "view with google sheets" or download and view with a spreadsheet program or app.    Updated 1/2024 GM

Region                      Spreadsheet                      Document 

Alleghany                    ODS format                         PDF Format
Ashe                            ODS format                         PDF Format
Avery                           ODS format                         PDF Format
Watauga                       ODS format                         PDF Format
Wilkes                          ODS format                         PDF Format
Whole Region              ODS format                         PDF Format







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